What We Believe

What We Believe

Mission Statement

"Beth Eden Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making, maturing, and mobilizing disciples who are becoming more like Jesus Christ."

What we believe is very important to us and to God. We strive to base everything we say and do on our understanding of the scriptures, God's inspired word. These documents are not inspired, but they are a sincere effort to put in writing and make available the things that we believe.

As an independent church, we are not affiliated with any governing denominational organization, though we gratefully fellowship with other likeminded churches and Christian ministries.

We freely describe our church as conservative in theology. We are committed to belief in the inspired scriptures and the gospel (evangelical) message. We do not embrace the beliefs and practices of Modernism, Liberalism, or Neoorthodoxy.

We are committed to faithfully defending and propagating the historic fundamental beliefs of orthodox Christianity ("the faith once for all delivered to the saints") and defending the congregation from potential inroads by false teachers (i.e. those who deny the gospel message and the inspiration and authority of the scriptures).

As a Baptist church we believe in some very important doctrinal distinctives (see link below, Baptist Distinctives) that have significant impact on the life and operation of the church. Many of these distinctives are shared by other Bible believing churches that may use a name other than Baptist to describe themselves. And some other churches may actually hold to all of these distinctives without actually using the name Baptist to describe their church (e.g. Bible or Community churches). However, the failure to hold to these distinctives has caused great damage to many congregations of believers over the years.

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Statement of Faith

Baptist Distinctives

Ministry Philosophy

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