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Beth Eden Baptist Church - Fitchburg is a place where people can meet Jesus,  engage in life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory. Join us for our Sunday services!

What Can I Expect?

Most folks hate surprises (unless it's your birthday or anniversary)! We try hard to make things obvious and transparent. But just in case we overlook something, we wanted to share some information we hope will be helpful to you when you come visit with us. Please take a moment to read these answers to frequent questions. And don't hesitate to reach out to us if you still have other questions. You can always connect with us by phone, email, USPS, or on Facebook.

Coming for a Visit

Where can I park?      We have three parking zones around the church. The main parking lot is located immediately in front of the church. You can also use the lower parking lot located off to the right and closer to the road. The upper parking lot is to the left side of the building and is convenient for those needing to use the mobility-assist entrance, or when overflow parking is required.

Where should I go when I enter the building?      Our main entrance is located at the front, right corner of the building as you view it from the road. There are granite steps and a handrail from the parking lot up to the main walkway. Just go to the glass entryway, where doors open to an outer vestibule. Then another set of glass entry doors leads into the church building. At that point, the stairs lead (1) up to the main foyer, auditorium, and church office; or (2) down to the nursery, restrooms, and fellowship hall. We also have an ADA accessible mobility-assist entrance at the rear left (northeast corner) of the building. You can use the upper (side) parking lot and head over to the access ramp. That entrance leads into an entry foyer, and then into the auditorium.

Do you provide childcare?      Yes, we do! Our nursery workers serve families for all Sunday morning services, caring for children (infant-3 years old) in an environment that is clean, healthy, safe, and caring. All of our workers are carefully screened and trained. You can read more about our nursery ministry.

Where are the restrooms?      We have restrooms on both levels of the building. A family restroom is located off the main lobby near the top of the entry stairs. We also have larger men's and women's restrooms on the lower level just to the right of the steps from the main entrance. A baby changing station is available in the upstairs family restroom. A second baby changing station is also accessible in the church nursery.

What should I wear?      We want YOU to join us. We want you to feel comfortable during your visit and able to focus on the worship and opportunities to interact with others in attendance. You will find a variety of approaches to clothing among those in attendance. We will have men dressed in suit & tie, or dockers & polo shirt, or blue jeans. And we will have ladies dressed in nice dresses or skirts, as well as those wearing dress pants & blouse, or casual pants & shirt. The main thing is that we want to get to know YOU. While clothing styles may be a partial expression of our background and preferences, our clothing doesn't make us who we are. "The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart!"

What are the services like?      Our services include singing hymns (both traditional and modern), reading scripture, prayer, and preaching/teaching from God's word, the Bible. Our style is often described as conservative but vibrant.
We try to greet each of our guests personally before or after the service. During the service we may provide a generic greeting to all our guests present, but we never put anyone in an awkward situation by being publicly announced or otherwise singled out. We do receive an offering during the first part of the service. That is a voluntary expression of worship by our members and regular attenders. We never expect or ask any guest to contribute financially, though they certainly may, if they wish. Our Pastor will present a Bible challenge (message or sermon) from the Bible during the last half of the service. His normal pattern is to focus on a passage of scripture and communicate the spiritual principles taught, then emphasize practical applications for life. This is sometimes referred to as expository preaching. Bible preaching is to be both instructive and inspiring. Even when teaching on a specific topic, each part of the Bible addressed is set in its proper context and carefully explained, then applied.

What happens after my visit?      Normally, the Pastor will have opportunity to greet guests before they leave after the service. When folks complete a guest card, that allows the Pastor to follow up by sending a thank you letter and reaching out by phone, email, or text. We always want to communicate genuine hospitality and kindness, but without ever making guests feel awkward or pressured. You can learn more by reading Getting Connected.

Getting Connected

Being new at anything can make all of us a little nervous. We want to provide patient, gracious support for all those who visit our church community. We don't want anyone to feel like a stranger. We want to welcome all our guests (without ever embarrassing them!) and help them become friends. Here are some things WE try do to help. We've also added a few things that YOU might consider that have proven helpful for others.

Things WE try to do to help:
  • Our Hospitality Team always tries to greet folks at the main entrance (or sooner, if the weather is nasty). A Hospitality Team member will introduce themself and greet you, thanking you for being our guest. Then they will ask how they can help. You may have questions about childcare, the restrooms, seating in the auditorium, or other issues. We are always very glad to help you with any of those matters.
  • Prior to the service, or after the service is over, we hope many folks will introduce themselves to you and welcome you. You may find that some of them have a lot in common with you (e.g. neighborhood, children/teens, work, hobbies, etc.).
  • We try hard to remember names. Your name is important to you...and we want to make sure you know you are important to us.
  • After your first visit the Pastor or another volunteer will reach out to you with a thank you note and usually a phone call, email or text. We try hard to never be pesky or pushy. But we do want to encourage folks and get to know them in whatever way and timing they are most comfortable.

Things YOU can do that will help:
  • Fill out the guest registration card provided to you upon arrival by the Hospitality Team or an usher. Please provide as much of the information as applies and you are comfortable sharing. We promise we won't misuse it. And we will never share it with anyone outside our church. Before you leave you can place your card in the offering plate, hand it to an usher, a Hospitality Team member, or even the Pastor. This allows the Pastor to send a thank you note through the mail. Then he or another volunteer will follow up with a phone call, email or text.
  • Let us know how we can help. You can add a personal note, a prayer request or ask a question on the back of your guest registration card. Or you can take a Communication Card out of the pew rack where you are seated and do the same. Feel free to share with us any prayer requests or personal needs you may be facing. You can also ask us questions about the service. We have a Communication Box at the Information Center out in the main foyer. Anything left in that box will be picked up after the service by the Church Secretary and shared directly with the Pastor.
  • Say hello to the Pastor before you leave. He usually stands in the foyer so he can greet folks as they depart. He loves to greet people in person. It is a lot easier to contact people you have already met. But if you can't, he won't take offense.
  • Be willing to hang around for a few minutes. During the service the focus is on the Lord and the opportunity to study and worship. But after the service we enjoy meeting other people. Normally, if folks see someone they don't know, they will tastefully come over to greet a guest. We can all use a few more friends!
  • When the Pastor or another volunteer contacts you, feel free to ask questions that you may have. You might even want to write down a note on your copy of the bulletin. It's a great place to list the names of people you meet, too.
  • Sign up to receive the church newsletter. It is circulated by email as a PDF attachment, or via USPS for those who request it. BEBC News is distributed weekly, normally on Thursday afternoon. You will find many articles about upcoming events, special ministry efforts, support resources for Bible reading, scripture memory & meditation, volunteer opportunities, and recommended resources (e.g., books, articles, music, podcasts, mobile apps, etc.). We even include photos of recent events.
  • Come and visit for another service. It's always easier to interact with people on a follow-up visit. And you may notice other things that will encourage you or spur additional questions. Don't forget to ask about the Ladies' Bible Study or the Men's Fellowship. Those meetings are in a small group format and are much more informal. That allows more opportunity for getting to know folks. It also provides an easier format for informal interaction and practical discussion.

Pathway to Membership

Becoming a member of a local church is a great commitment that brings with it incredible opportunities and blessings. It also involves serious obligations to love, support, and encourage one another within the assembly. It includes having a sincere commitment to The Great Commandment (Love the Lord with all your heart...and your neighbor as yourself.) and The Great Commission (a willingness to share with others the Good News of Jesus Christ). The following is a basic outline of "The Pathway to Membership." People are always encouraged to approach someone on the leadership team to get answers for any of their questions.

Church Orientation Class     Because we take church membership seriously, we work hard to make sure we are very transparent and practical in our support to those considering the membership commitment. On a periodic basis, we offer the Church Orientation Class. It is usually taught on a Saturday morning. But it could also be held on a weekday evening or during Sunday school (9:45-10:30am), if those options worked better for the individuals wishing to participate. The class provides many opportunities for developing personal relationships. It also addresses several key topics crucial to the effective exercise of church membership: (1) what we believe, doctrine & key topics; (2) our mission and philosophy of ministry; (3) how we are organized and operate; and (4) how you can participate in the life of the church.

Profession of Faith     We believe the Bible teaches regenerate church membership. While anyone is welcome to attend any and all of our services, church membership (with all its privileges and responsibilities) is reserved for those who have demonstrated a credible personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. That is to be followed by a public testimony of faith through participation in believer's baptism by immersion.

Leadership Interview      After completion of the Church Orientation Class, each prospective member is able, when they are ready, to meet with the Pastor and Deacons. This will be an opportunity to share about their relationship with the Lord and how they ended up at Beth Eden. It is a time for great encouragement and blessing.

Congregational Action      The last step is being introduced to the Congregation who votes to make acceptance into membership official. The church family then extends to each new member a warm Christian welcome and pledges to minister with them and to them.

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

9:45 am Bible Study & 10:45 am Worship

Sunday Evenings

6:00 pm Worship & Bible Study

What To Expect

We have coffee, donuts, and fresh fruit available before Sunday Bible study and before the morning worship service.
A typical morning service will last about 70-75 minutes. During the first half we will sing a combination of conservative modern hymns and faithful traditional hymns.
Our pastor will preach from the Bible during the last half of the service. If you don't have a Bible of your own, you can use one of the pew Bibles available at both ends of each row.
Childcare (nursery) is available for children from birth until age 4.
A children's church program is held during the preaching time in the morning service for children ages 4 through the 4th grade.
Pease plan to hang around after the service for a few minutes, if you can, for fellowship and to meet new people.

How To Contact Us

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