Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We count it a special privilege and solemn responsibility to partner together with our missionaries for the cause of Christ. Missionaries go where we cannot, but not to do what we will not. They are extensions of our ministry locally. Missionaries minister cross-culturally to people who may not look like us, speak like us, or even think exactly like us. They are living with and ministering to people for whom Christ died. And those people need to hear the Good News, the Gospel, so that they can repent of their sin and place their trust in the finished sacrificial work of Jesus Christ. By hearing the gospel and believing in Christ, those people can receive forgiveness of sins, be assured of a justified standing before a holy God, experience spiritual regeneration, and enter into a relationship that allows them to worship and serve the Lord themselves. All of that brings great glory to God, both now and throughout all eternity.

Our Missionary Partners

The Lord has allowed us the privilege of partnering with many faithful servants of the Lord who stand with us as part of our missions team. Most of them are engaged in cross-cultural service, but they are all faithful ministry partners. We currently have missionary partners serving in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
We pray for them on a regular basis. We contribute through the church so we can provide them with monthly support for personal needs and ministry support. We always look forward to our annual Missionary Christmas Offering to encourage them. And we cherish the times we are able to receive in-person ministry updates and enjoy sweet fellowship with our friends.
However, due to privacy concerns and potential security issues, we do not publish a public list of our missionary partners. Neither do we make their contact information publicly available. At the same time, we do provide regular updates to our church family as often as possible in an appropriate manner (e.g. verbal, printed, or digital), depending on their specific safety and security concerns.

Encourage our active missionaries

Want to write a note of encouragement, share a question, or offer to pray? We will help connect you via email.