Past Sermon Series

The following expositional Bible challenges have been presented at BEBC in recent years. The vast majority of these messages, sermons, or lessons are available for review at our YouTube channel.
Normally, our pastor will focus on a passage of scripture and communicate the spiritual principles taught, then emphasize practical applications for life. This is sometimes referred to as expository preaching. Bible preaching is to be both instructive and inspiring. Even when teaching on a specific topic, rather than on a single passage of scripture, each part of the Bible addressed is set in its proper context and carefully explained, then applied. 

Sunday Morning

Caring for Christ's Church (1 Timothy)
A Great Commitment to God's Work (Church Vision)
Jesus' Teaching on Prayer
Christmas Theology
The Christian: What Am I?
The Letter to the Colossians
The Church: What Are We?
The First Letter to the Thessalonians
The Letter to the Ephesians
Stronger & Deeper: Spiritual Strength and Maturity
The Letter to Titus

Sunday Evening

Wise & Faithful Rebuilding (Ezra, Nehemiah)
Joy in the Churches (Acts)
The Doctrine of Sanctification
The Bible's Teaching on Conscience
A Passion for Purity
What Does God Say about Obedience?
Jesus: Friend of Sinners
The Fruit of the Spirit
Vibrant Christian Living
God's Hall of Faith (Hebrews 11)
One Another: Scriptural Relationships among Believers
Biblical Philosophy of Local Church Ministry

Midweek Bible Study

Praying People in the Bible
Prayer and the Early Church
Images of God's Word
Spiritual Weariness: Prevention & Restoration
Praying Biblically
The Character of God
Studies in the Psalms, part 2
Knowing God
Thanksgiving in Thessalonians
Principles of Biblical Praying
Studies in the Psalms, part 1