Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Our church has a serious commitment to providing opportunities for children and teens to attend Christian summer camp. We partner with The Wilds of New England, located in Deering, NH, for Junior Camp (age 9 or going into grades 4-7) and Teen Camp (7th-12th grades).

The 2022 summer camp theme at TWNE is "Coffee Wars." There will be two teams for group competition, Dunkin' and Starbucks. You can download a full-color copy of the summer 2022 camp brochure on the camp website. Paper brochures will be available at church late spring through summer.

To assist families with sending kids to summer camp, our church maintains a Camp Fund. Each year we coordinate financial support to make Christian Summer Camp a reality for young people with whom we have regular contact.

We also coordinate transportation to and from camp for the weeks selected for participation. This year (2022) we are scheduling the following weeks for our young people: Juniors, August 1-6 (speaker: Pastor Bob Loggans); Teens, July 4-9 (speaker: Dr. Steve Pettit).

The Wilds of New England also provides a number of fall retreats for other groups (e.g., senior adult outing, men's retreat, ladies retreat, men & boys retreat, ladies & girls retreat, couples retreat, etc.).